Friday, 26 May 2023, 04.00 pm

Paulo Almeida Group «Oferenda»

Oscar Latorre: trumpet

Joshua Schofield: alto sax

Lorenzo Vitolo: piano

Roberto Koch: bass

Paulo Almeida: drums/percussion

Paulo Almeida is digging even deeper into his acoustic cornucopia, respectfully and poetically marrying Afro-Brazilian music with European jazz. In his compositions, he has a unique way of weaving traditional songs into his ample treasure trove of sounds, combining a sensitive affinity for expressive, radiant timbres with his Afro-Cuban rhythmic roots. He sees his album as a personal offering («Oferenda» denotes a sacrificial offering) to the universe, in a gesture of the most profound gratitude. It is this humility that we sense in every note, like the lingering memory of a gentle smile.

On his Pre-Release Tour, drummer and percussionist Paulo Almeida is also playing at Museum Tinguely, where he'll tickle our curiosity about his wonderful new «Oferenda» project.
Friday, 30 June 2023

Ronin Trio

Nik Bärtsch: piano

Jeremias Keller: bass

Kaspar Rast: drums

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